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Love this product and the helpful information from the very knowledgable owner. This CBD oil has help relieve arthritis pain in my thumb and wrist and it has also helped with social anxiety.

-Renee D.

I sleep amazing, I have never felt so good after a night sleep without hangover feel from other meds . I was without for almost a week , and all sleep interrupted and pain came back . I never want to be without this. I have tried so many things over the yrs . I also got off my antidepressant, and I swear only reason I was on in first place was from lack of GOOD sleep . I will be a life long user of this product! ❤️

-Kim R.

My husband and I are huge fans of CBD and all the awesome benefits it has and helps with! We both love the lotion, vape and tincture. And as of last night have even more of a reason to love it....the pet line!!! Our sweet puppy is 4 months old and like any dog, was not a fan of the fireworks! We gave her a lil CBD on her treat and it helps soooo much with her anxiousness!! You could definitely tell a huge difference after it kicked in. She calmly rested on the couch with us the rest of the evening. It didn’t knock her out, just calmed her down. We will certainly be giving her more tonight! Thanks Wendee and Jeff for your amazing Cornerstone products! We’re very thankful!

-Tara W.

Love, Love, Love these CBD products. The lotions work wonders on my arthritic hands and neck, and the tincture calms my brain so I can get a good night sleep!! You gotta try the bath bomb!!! I have not been that relaxed in a VERY long time.
The products smell good, feel great on the skin and works at relieving pain.
Thank you Wendee for these awesome products!!!😃

-Heather C.

I absolutely love this lovely husband and wife duo as well as their products! These products helped me get off anti anxiety meds that I've been on for many years. I recommend their local products to anybody and everybody who needs to take the edge off!

-Nicolette L.

Love their products and customer service. The tincture has helped my migraines and insomnia better than prescription meds I have tried in the past and with no side effects.

-Angela K.

I started using the products a few months ago and have noticed great results. I especially like the muscle and joint relief before a workout. I have been in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for 10 years now and have found better relief from this than anything else I have tried.

-Kelly A.

Products help my rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Service is great and shipped quickly. Prices are really good too. Give them a try.

-Sandi B.