Hemp Education

Hemp Education

Discover The Unlocked Potential Of This Powerful Plant


What Is CBD?

CBD is a type of cannabinoid, which are chemical compounds that exist naturally within the biology of humans, mammals, and, recently discovered — the hemp plant. The CBD in hemp is just like the natural cannabinoids within our body, deeming it a natural solution for health and wellness.

What Does CBD Stand For?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is one of the powerful phytocannabinoids found in hemp that is known for supporting the body and mind in a variety of ways.


Benefits of CBD

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the potential benefits you can receive from adding CBD oil products into your daily routine.

What Is The Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis?

Hemp and cannabis may originate from the same species of plant, but there are a few factors that make them incredibly different from one another. Let’s just say, there’s a reason why hemp is the preferred choice for crafting the best CBD oil products.


Does It Contain THC? Will CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

In addition to containing cannabidiol (CBD), full-spectrum hemp oil extract contains more than 80 other cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant. THC is one of these cannabinoids, meaning trace amounts of it can be present. As required by law, all Cornerstone Botanicals CBD oil products contain less than .3% THC. Since it is present, it can potentially show up on drug screens if taken in significant amounts prior to a drug screening, while the odds are very slim.

How Does CBD Work?

Our bodies consist of a vast network of receptors known as the Endocannabinoid System. It’s what helps us stay balanced, even when physical and mental challenges arise in our lives. CBD binds to the receptors in this system to help it do its job better.


What Does CBD Feel Like?

In truth, it depends. Meaning, it depends on what your body needs. Each person’s body is different and will have a different response based on what they have going on internally. Some say it provides them with relaxation, while others say CBD helps them feel focused. The best way to find out how CBD will feel for you is to try it for yourself!

Are There CBD Side Effects?

CBD has been proven through research to be well tolerated by people all ages — even pets! Only in some cases has CBD been linked to side effects such as fatigue, changes in appetite, and diarrhea. As with any other supplement, though, there is also always a chance it could cause an potentially interact with certain medications, so be sure to consult with your physician before taking CBD if you suspect any medical condition or medication you are taking could be possibly be negatively impacted.


How Do I Use CBD?

Taking CBD is simple as there are a variety of ways to choose from thanks to our vast selection of CBD oil products. You can take CBD capsules when you wake up along with your daily vitamins to get your day started off right. You can take CBD oil before or after you workout or any physical activity. You can even take CBD oil at the end of a long day before you wind down and relax. The possibilities are endless.

How Long Do CBD Effects Last?

There are a variety of factors which can influence how long the beneficial effects of your CBD oil product will last for you:

  • The concentration of the CBD extract in your hemp oil product
  • The type of condition you are seeking to remedy
  • The method of delivery (sublingually, topically, ingestion, inhalation, etc.)
  • The size of the serving (milligrams) you are taking
  • The other items being consumed in your diet
  • Your biological makeup

As with any new supplement implemented into your diet, it is important to become familiar with how your body responds to CBD oil before opting to increase your dosage.


How Is Cornerstone Botanicals Different?

Cornerstone Botanicals was founded because we believed that living a happy, healthy life should be something that is attainable for everyone. When we discovered the wonders of CBD for ourselves, we set out to share its powerful, natural relief with the world. We wanted to share the story of our journey and help others to discover the truth behind CBD, so they can experience the journey for themselves. From our organic, USDA-certified, and locally grown Colorado hemp to our top-of-the-line processing methods, our motivation to provide only the highest quality hemp oil products is what sets us apart.

Still Have Questions?

See our FAQs for more CBD knowledge and insights into using hemp oil products for improved health and wellness.