Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD

It’s no secret now that CBD oil products are taking the world by storm due to their numerous applications and potential health benefits they offer, but one of the major questions we hear often at Agrozen Life Sciences is, “what’s the difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD?” Or in other words, why choose hemp?

In order to dive into why we choose to source only locally grown, USDA-certified organic hemp for our CBD oil products, let’s begin by covering the basics of hemp and cannabis to get a grasp on where the two plants differ from one another.


The first major difference between hemp and cannabis that is more readily evident is their appearances. While the two plants are derived from the same species of plant (cannabis sativa), traditional cannabis tends to be a much shorter and bushier plant while hemp, on the other hand, is much taller and lengthier, similar to a bamboo stalk. It is also much stronger and more durable, hence why hemp has been used for a variety of industrial purposes for thousands of years such as paper, rope, textiles, eco-friendly plastics, and much more. Cannabis also can be identified by its dark green complexion with wide, rough-edged leaves, while hemp features a brighter, vibrant green color and long, narrow leaves with smooth edges.

THC Content

Since cannabis, or marijuana, is mostly farmed for its recreational, psychoactive properties, cultivators prioritize THC content in their growing and breeding processes. This means using cannabis for developing CBD oil products can prove to be much more difficult and costly, as a thorough extraction processes has to be performed, sometimes repetitively, to ensure the THC content is removed from the CBD oil.

In order to be sold legally nationwide and be considered hemp, CBD oil products must contain no more than .3 percent active THC, which can be a difficult task to achieve with cannabis plants that average in the range of 15 to 25 percent THC content when harvested. This means that the majority of cannabis-based CBD oil products that you find will contain significantly more THC content than hemp oil products, making them psychoactive. If you manage to find a cannabis-based CBD product that does meet the low-THC criteria, it will undoubtedly come at a much heftier price.

The hemp plant naturally contains minimal amounts of THC, if any at all, which makes it the most ideal source for obtaining high-quality, pure CBD oil. Most hemp oil extract, like in the CBD oil products we carry at Cornerstone Botanicals, comes from hemp plants that farmers breed to remove any existing THC compounds from the plant. This makes our jobs easier by making the extraction process much simpler, so we can guarantee a final product that contains only pure CBD-rich hemp oil and terpenes and little to no psychoactive THC for the overall best CBD experience.


While both hemp CBD and cannabis CBD can be both be deemed useful for coping with a number of chronic conditions, the most prominent aspect that differentiates these two plants is their current legality under United States Federal law. Cannabis-based products of any sort, whether CBD oil products or recreational marijuana products, are illegal. While it may be permissible in specific states that have passed local laws legalizing cannabis, any product that contains more than .3 percent THC content is still considered illegal to purchase or sell under federal law.

Meanwhile, hemp oil products containing CBD are able to be manufactured, distributed, purchased, and used anywhere in the country. You can order hemp-based CBD oil products online, like in our CBD shop at Cornerstone Botanicals, from anywhere in the country and have natural relief at your doorstep in a matter of days!

CBD users and enthusiasts today consist of people of all ages and all walks of life, but the one thing they have in common is that most are seeking to purchase CBD oil products for their beneficial properties to improve their overall health and wellness; they don’t entertain or prioritize any of the psychoactive, mind-altering effects that accompany cannabis.

This is why CBD shops choose hemp for their products over cannabis time and time again, and it’s why at Cornerstone Botanicals, we work only use the best organic, Colorado-grown hemp in each of our health and beauty products.