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What Separates Cornerstone Botanicals From Other CBD Companies?

In recent years, the CBD market has grown from a quasi-legal, niche industry into a full-blown legal, multi-billion dollar industry. Though the extensive benefits of CBD and hemp products are being researched and aren’t fully understood, the market as a whole is expected to continue exploding as we head full steam into 2020. 

Brightfield Group, a market research and consumer intelligence firm for the CBD industry, estimates that the U.S. CBD market will grow 700% from January-December 2019, and Forbes believes that U.S. CBD sales could exceed well over $20 billion by 2024. To say that CBD is a “hot market” would be an understatement! 

Our Place In CBD Growth

Now, the explosive growth of CBD is producing two-fold results: on one hand, we’re thrilled that more and more people are becoming acquainted with the incredible, natural healing powers of CBD and hemp-based products. But on the other hand, this rapid growth also leads to many CBD companies who are looking to make a quick profit and aren’t putting the consumer’s health and well-being as a main priority. In short, not all CBD companies are created equal. 

So, what’s our place in the CBD space? Cornerstone Botanicals is a Top Rated National® CBD shop and local, Colorado-based CBD company dedicated to improving the lives of those around us. Having been touched by the power of cannabidiol in our own lives, we know how valuable CBD is, and that’s why we work hard to provide the very best CBD products online. 

Below, we’re going to continue taking a look at what makes us different than other CBD companies. 

The Cornerstone Difference

Superior Product Quality

Words like “pure” and “natural” are losing meaning in today’s world of health and wellness products. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also the truth. Consumers often put their blind faith in these claims when, in reality, what they’re consuming isn’t necessarily “pure” or natural” at all. 

High-quality CBD starts with high-quality hemp, backed with clean extraction practices to ensure the best possible final product. Cornerstone Botanicals has direct involvement with local hemp farms in Colorado, offering the finest possible USDA-certified organic hemp that serves as the basis for our products. Many online CBD stores either don’t disclose where their hemp is sourced from, or don’t follow strict manufacturing processes that ensure a pure and potent end-product. 

A “Green” Approach To CBD

Where we source our hemp from clearly matters when it comes to the CBD products we’re selling, but our local mindset doesn’t stop there. The Cornerstone Botanicals team is committed to working with other local businesses to help us packaging and label our products — no aspect of our process is outsourced overseas! Our family-owned business extends our approach to all parts of making our products. We treat other local companies we work with like family, and the result is products that are hand-made just for you. 

CBD With Education In Mind

While many people are very familiar with CBD and the myriad of products that utilize it, there are millions of people out there who don’t know very much about this natural healing solution. Cornerstone Botanicals strives to provide unbiased, credible information about CBD via our Learning Center. This area of our website touches on what hemp and CBD are, as well as how CBD interacts with the body and how it can be used. 

We also have an extensive frequently asked questions page on our website, and consistently make an effort to attend local and national CBD expos. Cornerstone Botanicals has been featured in multiple news outlets and productions, helping further our cause of spreading insightful information about CBD and the value of hemp-based products. 

Questions? Ready To Get Started? Our Online CBD Store Is Here For You!

From excellent reviews to offering a wide range of products in multiple applications (including CBD dog treats and CBD for pets!), our mission is to help spread the good word of CBD and how it has positively affected our lives. Are you ready to get involved? We’re ready to serve you. 

Feel free to browse our CBD oils, topicals, bath bombs, soaps, vape cartridges, and more by shopping with us. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly with any questions.