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How Our CBD Products Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

In modern society, people are more overworked, stressed out, and overwhelmed by information than ever before. Social media, volatile cryptocurrency markets, scrolling news feeds, and the rising cost of living is making people progressively more anxious. Perhaps even reading these two sentences sparked a little anxiety in you, and if so, we apologize! Our intention isn’t to cause our readers to be anxious, but rather, to relieve anxiety. 

CBD Products: A Promising Holistic Remedy To Life’s Ailments

CBD products have massively skyrocketed in the past few years. The CBD wellness market has rapidly grown since most states have re-legalized hemp, and for good reason — countless people are discovering the life-changing benefits that CBD has to offer. 

Most people take CBD for a variety of reasons, and the versatility of CBD can largely be attributed to the entourage effect. In short, the entourage effect concerns how cannabinoids and other naturally occurring constituents work together to magnify or potentiate their therapeutic value. Full-spectrum CBD products, such as ours here at Cornerstone Botanicals, harness the power of the entourage effect. 

From enhanced quality of sleep to accelerated exercise recovery, anxiety relief and even immune system reinforcement, the full therapeutic value of full-spectrum CBD is still being researched and better understood. 

CBD For Anxiety

In today’s blog post, we’ll dive into more detail about how CBD works to help mitigate and alleviate anxiety. Keep reading below to learn more, and feel free to reach out and contact the Cornerstone Team with any questions.

Interaction With The CB1 Receptor

As far as the latest research goes, CBD is understood to work with a receptor in the brain known as CB1. In layman’s terms, receptors like CB1 are small proteins attached to cells in your brain. Each receptor receives a chemical signal from various stimuli, and in turn, your cells respond and act accordingly. 

The full mechanism by which CBD interacts with CB1 is, unfortunately, not 100% understood. That being said, the current understanding is that CBD does alter or affect your body’s serotonin signals. Serotonin plays a key role in regulating your mental health and wellness, and that’s why prescription antidepressants known as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) target serotonin. 

Of course, anxiety and depression are not interchangeable, and they’re certainly not the same thing. But if serotonin plays a role in both of these mental health issues, then it’s worth drawing some sort of connection between CBD and serotonin. 

(NOTE: If you’re thinking about switching antidepressant medications in place of CBD oil, make sure to consult your medical doctor.)

Social Anxiety

Though research is constantly ongoing, an admittedly dated study from Neuropsychopharmacology determined that CBD may help alleviate social anxiety. An overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence suggests that taking CBD oil (or CBD in the form of other products) helps manage or alleviate social anxiety. Those who are overly self-conscious out in public or who go for an alcoholic drink just to stay calm may find great benefit in taking low-to-medium doses of CBD oil. 

Chronic Anxiety

Chronic, persistent anxiety can be detrimental to one’s quality of life, making normal, everyday interactions very difficult. While one-time CBD doses won’t eliminate chronic anxiety by any means, daily, repeated doses have shown promise in helping those who struggle with chronic anxiety. Again, the anecdotal evidence is steadily increasing, and we firmly believe that it’s no coincidence that thousands of CBD users around the world are reporting benefits. 

Situational Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety from time-to-time based on unforeseen circumstances or other factors. We’re not necessarily recommending that you should take CBD any time you’re remotely stressed or encounter a situation that gives you anxiety, but occasional doses can be very effective in combating sudden, situational anxiety. 

Need CBD Products Online For Anxiety Relief? 

Cornerstone Botanicals is proud to provide 100% USDA organic full-spectrum CBD products designed to target a variety of ailments and conditions including anxiety. Taking CBD has changed our lives for the better, and it’s a story that we love to tell.

Shop our online CBD store directly or feel free to get in touch with the Cornerstone Team to learn more about our local Colorado CBD company or to ask us any questions about our products. We look forward to hearing from you!