Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply enjoy living an active lifestyle, you don’t need us to tell you that rigorous exercise can break down your muscles and joints. Soreness and inflammation come with activity, and many athletes just accept this as a part of life. However, many athletes have to deal with chronic pain on top of these symptoms, and as athletes age, these problems tend to worsen. Instead of taking pain pills after every vigorous workout (which can be harmful to your health), choose a natural option by using CBD for pain instead.

Dealing with pain — particularly chronic pain — impacts your quality of life, as well as your ability to perform in the gym or on the field. However, hemp oil products have shown to reduce inflammation, manage pain, and help with anxiety. Each of these ailments can lead to performance issues for athletes — from the stress of an upcoming game to inflammation from a minor injury, it can be easy for these things to affect an athlete’s abilities.

Now that CBD and hemp oil products can be purchased and used nationwide, athletes from all backgrounds are choosing to make the switch to this natural solution rather than other forms of traditional sports medicine. So, what’s stopping you from giving it a try?

The following are some of the many reasons that athletes of all types — from professional sports stars to weekend warriors — are choosing to add CBD supplements into their daily routine for improving their performance and staying active longer.

Infographic-Benefits of CBD For Athletes

Athletes Use CBD To Reduce Soreness And Inflammation

For athletes who are constantly putting a lot of miles on their bodies, whether it involves playing in sports games or running marathons, inflammation is a major concern that everyone faces. Constantly pushing the limits of muscles and joints can cause soreness and inflammation for days or even weeks in some cases. The benefits of CBD for pain have become the most popular reason behind why athletes nationwide are choosing to purchase hemp oil products. From daily CBD capsules to hemp muscle rub, hemp massage oil, and many more, there are endless ways to apply CBD for pain so that you can recover faster and get back to doing what you love.

CBD For Athletes Will Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This is one of the benefits of CBD that is helpful for people of all walks of life, but it can play an even bigger role for athletes in many cases. Whether it's keeping cool, calm, and collected before heading into a major competition or simply winding down after a busy day of training, CBD provides athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a natural way to calm their nerves and destress. Since it becomes increasingly difficult for our bodies to recover and repair themselves when they are under stress, this benefit of hemp oil products can also help keep you moving forward and performing consistently at your best.

CBD For Athletes Helps With Diet Management

One of the biggest struggles that people face when trying to improve their physical fitness for sports or for their overall health and strength is maintaining a diet that supports their goals. If you are attempting to build muscle mass, for example, by working out frequently yet do not eat enough carbs and proteins to help your muscles grow, it will be more difficult to achieve results. CBD helps athletes maintain their appetite so they can keep their bodies fueled for their active lives. Hemp oil products have also shown to help boost the metabolism, increasing the body’s ability to burn fat.

Athletes Use CBD To Sleep Better At Night

Any professional athlete will tell you that training or performing your best is simply not possible without a quality night of sleep prior. Anecdotally, athletes who take CBD supplements before bed report that they have greater ease going to sleep, a more restful night of sleep, and feel more refreshed in the morning. How does CBD help with sleep? It slows down the breakdown of ATP in your brain, the chemical that slows down the release of neurotransmitters and allows you to “quiet your thoughts” to go to sleep. This is why CBD can be incredibly beneficial to be taken by athletes the night before a big competition to relieve nervous jitters and ensure your body gets the rest it needs to take on the day.

CBD For Athletes Promotes Overall Physical And Mental Health

Since the CBD in hemp oil products impacts a system (the endocannabinoid system) that plays a key role in so many aspects of the body, it encourages better overall health and a more balanced mental state. This means that CBD can be used by athletes as a preemptive tool just as much as it can be implemented for post relief and recovery.

By taking CBD supplements to start the day, athletes are feeling more focused, confident, and enjoying what they do more than ever before.

CBD Provides A Natural Alternative To Pain Pills

Instead of consuming handfuls of over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen sodium (Aleve), athletes now have a more natural and safe option with CBD. While these pain medications have been used for decades, there has been more research discovered concerning their long list of side effects when used on a frequent basis like athletes tend to for recovery. Not only can these synthetic pharmaceuticals lead to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, or other serious illnesses, but they also can make you more prone to pain and soreness overtime as your body becomes more dependent upon them. With CBD, there are none of these associated side effects, and since our body’s already contain these compounds naturally, they help your body become less prone to injury and pain rather than increasing your susceptibility.

It goes to show that no matter what sort of active lifestyle you live, our hemp oil products featuring pure CBD oil can help you do what you love without letting pain, stress, or anything else stand in your way. Cornerstone Botanicals crafts each product we carry in our CBD shop from the finest, organic hemp grown locally here in Colorado fields. With each of our CBD oil products, we promise to provide you with a safe, effective, and natural alternative to traditional sports medicine, so you can focus on performing your best day in and day out — not on pain.

Whatever your needs, we would be happy to guide you toward a product that can meet them best. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our products, our growing methods, or our personal experiences with CBD oils. We look forward to helping you.